About Us

At First Baptist Church of Homestead, we believe that God wants us to do three things:


This means being committed to worship. At FBCH, we offer Sunday worship services at various times, including early morning and evening services, and both contemporary and traditional services.


This means being committed to spiritual growth through small groups and fellowship with other believers. The primary means of small group discipleship at FBCH is the Sunday School. 


This means being committed to serve in at least one ministry. We have many ministries in which one could serve and new ones are regularly being added. Every new member receives assistance in finding a new ministry in which they can serve.

We would love to assist you on your spiritual journey. First Baptist is filled with warm people who struggle, just like you, but who have had a life changing experience with Jesus Christ. Here you will find people of almost twenty nationalities, speaking different languages, yet coming together to worship a common Lord. 

First Baptist Church partners with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Florida Baptist Convention and the Miami Baptist Association. We also have a partner church in Cuba called Iglesia Bautista Imanuel.

First Baptist Church has adopted the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message as its doctrinal confession. To read this statement of our beliefs, click HERE.