What should I expect when I arrive?

You'll be greeted by one of our friendly First Impressions greeters. They'll be easily identified by a badge with the FBC Homestead logo and their name. They will assist you in finding a Bible study class, the restrooms, the nursery, children's activities, or to answer any other questions you might have.

What do I wear?

You'll find individuals wearing suits and ties and you'll find individuals wearing jeans or a t-shirt. We really aren't concerned with anyone making an impression. We simply ask that you not draw attention to yourself by immodest attire. We want the focus to be on God, not ourselves. Dress in a manner you truly believe is conducive for worship. We'll just be glad to see you!

Where do I go once I arrive on your premises?

You'll see designated guest parking to your left when you enter our Krome Ave. entrance. This will place you closest to the main entrance. Once inside, you'll be staring our welcome center in the face! Drop by and let us know you're a guest and let us serve you in any way we can.

What about my children?

We have Children's worship during our 11:00 services. Here's how it works. Children ages 4 through 2nd grade remain in the sanctuary during the congregational singing at the beginning of worship. At the designated time, an announcement will be made dismissing children to children's church. You may feel free to look in to take a peek and know where they will be if you like. If you have little ones ages 3 and under, our nursery is available during all services we offer throughout the week. All of our nursery staff are FBCH members and have undergone background checks for the security of your child. You will fill out a brief form and be given a pager. If there is a problem requiring your assistance, your pager will vibrate indicating for you to come to the nursery.

What do you believe?

To read our confession of faith, click here.

I'm a new Christian. Do you offer classes for new believers?

Yes! First Steps is a 20 week course written by Pastor Howard. Topics include, "Me and My Bible" (why we believe the Bible is the Word of God), "The ABC's of Prayer," Keys to Victorious Christian Living," and "Who is God?" to name a few. You can enter this study at any point in the 20 week cycle and remain until you have received all 20 lessons. First Steps is a great tool for beginning your growth in the Christian life.

What is the difference between the two Sunday morning worship services?

The main difference is the amount of sleep you're going to get! Seriously, both services have the exact same message taught. Children's Church (ages four through second grade) is only offered at 11:00 AM. Nursery services are available at both. Both services are equal in length. The 8:00 service music is led by "Morning Glory," our praise and worship band. Most songs are contemporary and exciting, yet still reverent and spiritual. The 11:00 service music utilizes our Sanctuary Choir. Vibrant and worshipful arrangements of the hymns are prominent in this service. By the way, our Sunday evening service is mainly traditional with a touch of praise and worship thrown in. The message on Sunday nights is separate from the morning services.

What does it mean to be a member?

We believe the local church is God's mechanism in this world for spreading the good news of the gospel and growing the Kingdom of God. Speaking to the local church at Corinth, the apostle Paul said, "Now you are the body of Christ, and individual members of it." (1 Cor. 12:27)The members of your body belong to one another. As "members" of the local church, we do as well. Simply put, membership means mutual belonging. Those who join a local church are committing to the responsibility of caring for and fostering the spiritual growth of others. Members commit to share one another's burdens, encourage one another and hold each other accountable. 

How can I join?

There are three ways in which you can become a member of First Baptist Church of Homestead. The first way is by "transfer." This is for those who are currently members of another church but want their membership transferred to First Baptist Church of Homestead. Call the church to schedule an appointment with a pastor. You will be asked to share your testimony, after which you can be introduced to the church. 

The second way you can join is by "statement." This is for those who were previously a member of a church of like faith but do not have official membership in another church to transfer. Joining by statement simply means giving your word that you have previously been saved and baptized. Call the office to schedule an appointment with a pastor. You will be asked to share your testimony, after which you can be introduced to the church.

The third way to join is by baptism. If you have confessed Jesus Christ as your Lord but have yet to be baptized, you would need to take our one-time, one-hour baptism class. This class is individually taught by appointment. Call the office to schedule a time. Once you have taken the class, your baptism can be scheduled. Once baptized, you are a member.