Lady in Red

Lady in Red

Revelation 17:1-18, Pastor Howard Harden
Message delivered August 24th, 2014 during the morning services.

Revelation 17 gives us an overview of the forces that come together to bring about the end God desires.  This morning, we will see three things which we can expect, followed by four takeaways to apply to our lives.

  1. There will be a WORLD-WIDE MOVEMENT. (vs. 1-6a & 15)
    • It is GLOBAL.
    • It is POLITICAL.
    • It is ECONOMIC.
    • It is RELIGIOUS.
  2. There will be an UNHOLY ALLIANCE. (vs. 6b-14a)
  3. There is a SOVEREIGN PLAN. (vs. 14b & 16-18)

How does this message apply to my life?

  2. RELIGION without JESUS is FUTILE.
  3. God doesn't REACT.  God ACTS!
  4. God cannot be CHALLENGED.