Love Lessons

Love Lessons

Luke 10:25-37, Pastor Howard Harden

Message delivered February 14th, 2016 during the morning services.

The story of the Good Samaritan is more than an example of kindness.  Jesus used it as a living demonstration of the command to love God and people

  1. What a COMMAND REVEALS. (vs. 25-29)
  2. How COMPASSION is DISPLAYED. (vs. 30-35)
    You can see your fellow man as...
    • a VICTIM to be EXPLOITED.
    • a NUISANCE to be AVOIDED.
    • a NEIGHBOR to be LOVED.
  3. How the PRINCIPLE APPLIES. (vs. 36-37)

    The WRONG question: WHO is my neighbor?
    The RIGHT question: WHO'S neighbor am I?