Preparing the Way

Preparing the Way

Luke 3:1-14, Pastor Howard Harden
Message delivered January 11th, 2015 during the morning services.

John the Baptist prepared for the earthly ministry of Christ by preaching a message of repentance.  In this morning's Scripture, we note three lessons about the nature of repentance we must still heed today.

  1. The MESSENGER who PREACHED repentance. (vs. 1-2 & 4-6)

  2. The ABSOLUTE NECESSITY of repentance. (vs. 3)

  3. The QUALITY of GENUINE repentance. (vs. 7-14)
    • Genuine repentance is more than REMORSE.
    • Genuine repentance is not about ANCESTRY.
    • Genuine repentance YIELDS FRUIT.