Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages

Daniel 2:31-49, Pastor Howard Harden
Message delivered January 25th, 2015 during the morning services.

History is "His story."  In tonight's Scripture, Daniel explains a king's dream.  In the process, he shows us God's roadmap for the future.  Once again, we are reminded that God is in control.

  1. There's a PLAN that must PROCEED. (vs. 31-43)

  2. A "preview" of four kingdoms:
    1. BABYLON
    3. GREECE
    4. ROME
  3. There's a KINGDOM that must ENDURE. (vs. 44-45)

  4. It is an EVERLASTING Kingdom.
    It is a POWERFUL Kingdom.
    It is a WORLD-WIDE Kingdom.

  5. There's a RESPONSE that must FOLLOW. (vs. 46-49)