The Danger of Shortsighted Spirituality

The Danger of Shortsighted Spirituality

Genesis 25:29-34, David Stockment
Message delivered August 3rd, 2014 during the morning services.

Characteristics of people who are shortsighted spiritually:

  1. They are BLIND to the value of God's CALLING on their life and their destiny.
  2. They allow their appetites or emotions to rule them, rather than the HOLY SPIRIT.
  3. They insist on IMMEDIATE fulfillment or gratification of their DESIRES.
  4. They focus on things that are TEMPORAL rather than on what is ETERNAL.
  5. They make IRREVOCABLE DECISIONS in times of physical, emotional, or spiritual weakness.
The HALT principle:
    This principle refers to four situations when we are MOST VULNERABLE to demonic temptations.  In the face of temptation, remember to HALT - and RECONSIDER what you are considering.
  1. H = HUNGRY
  2. A = ANGRY
  3. L = LONELY
  4. T = TIRED
    ...or DISCOURAGED.
    Don't allow yourself to get too hungry, angry, lonely, tired or discouraged.  And be very cautious of your enemy's temptations during these times of weakness!

Your life can change forever in a split second.

The Devil's kitchen never closes.  He is slow cooking the death of your heavenly calling and it will be a bowl of stew just exactly the way you like it.  Never sacrifice future potential for temporary pleasure.  Throw the bowl away!

You can protect your future and fulfill God's calling on your life by yielding to the Holy Spirit's control and growing in your understanding of God's calling on your life.  Make sure you put God the Holy Spirit in charge of your mind, your will, your emotions, and your desires!